In this guide, we'll uncover the secrets to crafting a day that transcends expectations, ensuring that every detail sparkles with the essence of your unique love story.

The fun starts at the photo booth!

Weddings are about bringing people together, and a photo booth serves as a central hub for interaction. A photo booth not only captures memories but also provides entertainment. It's a delightful diversion for guests of all ages, offering a break from the formalities and injecting a sense of playfulness into the proceedings.

Check out some of our all time FAVORITE Vendors for ONE OF A KIND photobooths!!

Little Camper Photo Booth

Picture This!

a fun black and white photo inside a photobooth at an elegant wedding reception at the brighton abbey wedding venue
a beautiful who just got married taking sunset wedding photos in front of a boho glamper PHOTO booth

The perfect way to end your special day: late night dessert bars!

Don’t let the festivities die down too soon! Bring on the sweets and keep the party going with an assortment of delicious desserts that everyone will love. S’mores stations, or waffle bars are super fun!!  As the night progresses, appetites tend to crave something sweet. It’s the perfect pick-me-up, allowing everyone to continue dancing and reveling in the joyous ambiance.

Some of our favorite vendors and Late Night Dessert Bars are:

Pictured Here: PIE BARS

Cookie and Tiny Cupcake Bars

Decorate Your Own Cookie Stations

a decadent mini pie bar with custom monogrammed pie toppers at a wedding reception at covered bridge venue

Spice up your celebration with unique signature cocktails and cute names to match

Signature cocktails with endearing names aren't merely beverages; they're reflections of your love story.

As you plan the details of your wedding day, consider the magic of signature cocktails with charming names. They're the perfect toast to your union, crafting unforgettable moments with each sip.

Our ALL TIME Favorite Bar Tender Vendors are:

DFW Bartending

Liquid Love

an elegant collection of signature wedding cocktails served at a wedding reception at the orchard wedding venue in azle

Leave your wedding guests awestruck with a mesmerizing firework finale

What better way to conclude this enchanting chapter than with a breathtaking firework display? It’s an unexpected treat that adds an extra layer of excitement, leaving guests talking about your wedding for years to come.

You can pickup local Wedding Sparklers ALL YEAR LONG from 3 Alarm Fireworks

One of our Favorite Wedding Venues, Barnett Estates, ends EVERY wedding with Fireworks!

a gorgeous wedding send off sparkler exit at lonestar mansion
a stunning bride and groom dip and kiss as they walk through their sparkler exit with a burst of fireworks behind them

Take your wedding from ordinary to extraordinary With cute Donkeys

Having cute donkeys or alpacas at your wedding isn’t just an addition; it’s an infusion of joy, charm, and unforgettable moments. Their presence creates a unique and heartwarming atmosphere, transforming your special day into an extraordinary and whimsical celebration.

To Rent Adorable Donkeys for your BIG DAY:

Big City Farm

Sweet Ass Servers

adorable beer burros cuddle with a gorgeous newlywed couple during their wedding

Illuminate Your Celebration: Elevate the Dance Floor with Glow Stick Magic!

Your wedding day is a symphony of love, joy, and cherished moments. What if you could sprinkle a bit of magic onto the dance floor?

So, as you plan the details of your wedding, consider the magic of glow stick wands.

Are you still searching for the perfect DJ? Check out our favorites!

DJ Astronaut

Dance & Joy DJ

wedding reception celebration dancing with colored glow sticks at the tribute golf course in the colony texas
a fun wedding reception photo with glowstick long exposures at covered bridge venue

Romantic Reverie: Elevate Your Wedding with Dancing on Clouds

Your wedding day is a tapestry of romance, and what could be more enchanting than dancing on clouds? Imagine gliding across a dreamlike mist, surrounded by ethereal beauty, while your guests gaze in awe.

Are you still searching for the perfect DJ? Check out our favorites!

DJ Astronaut

Dance & Joy DJ

bride and groom dancing on the clouds at their wedding reception at the elegant brighton abbey wedding venue